I am able to use CBT to tackle my way of thinking. I am much more active now, in fact, more so than I have been in over a year, but it's my mental state that is so vastly improved. I feel so well that I actually realise that I have been ill for a lot longer than I thought.

I am surprised how quickly I am feeling better! Pleasantly surprised of course! I guess I was very ready to get well again. My partner has noticed a difference in me, so he is happy! My fuse is so much longer now, in fact, I'm not even sure if I have one. Things that used to wind me up just don't now, I am able to rationalise before I react, and that is such a valuable tool to be able to apply to so many situations. I am doing really well, thank you for recommending this to me.

- Anon

My experience at the psychological therapies team was very helpful. I was really struggling at the time with checking taps, doors windows etc. before I could leave the house, sometimes I would break down because my mind wouldn’t let me leave the house. I got my GP to refer me on to a specialist to help me with this. It wasn’t long before I was seen by my therapist. My therapist got to know me and my condition and how it is affecting me and found ways of helping me to overcome this with exercises and little experiments to conduct which I enjoyed and worked really well. The people who work at the psychological therapies team are really helpful and really want to help people. After 12 weeks I found that I could leave the house without panicking or having a meltdown, which is all I wanted. Without the help and support from the team I wouldn’t of been able to walk out of my house without panicking or having a meltdown.

I would definitely recommend the psychological therapies team in Telford for anyone suffering with OCD or depression.

- William

In my early sixties, I found myself overwhelmed by the pressure of trying to help family members who had been let down by professional services whose purpose was to support them.

I exhibited a whole range of physical symptoms brought on by anxiety and depression and had withdrawn from most of my normal activities. My doctor prescribed anti-depressants which lifted my mood a little, but they were no answer for me and produced their own problems. At that time referral was through one’s doctor and I did have to wait much longer than I hoped. I attended a course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which we agreed would be the best way forward. It was.

At the end of the course, held in a group setting but in no way threatening, I had regained my ability to think logically again. The physical problems like sleeplessness and shaking had subsided and I no longer needed any medication. Everything felt better and I could function again.

Now, when faced with the inevitable crises and stresses, which are still there of course, I can work my way through them. It is reassuring to know that I can refer myself was I ever to be in that position again. I cannot praise the psychological therapies team enough.

- David

I found this course of CBT to help address my long standing OCD to be extremely useful, as well as helping me to deal with issues as they arose I feel it has equipped me with the skills to deal with future challenges.

My phone call experience was great. I felt listened to and understood.  

Emma was lovely and helped me with other services available. Having someone easy to talk to helped me lots. Thank you for your help again.

Having experienced the service in 2015/16 I must say that the staff have always been very helpful and supportive. This resulted in a positive outcome last time and enabled me to come straight away this time having slipped a little.

Traci is an amazing therapist, she felt like an old friend whom I can lean on. This was from day one - I thank her sincerely. 

The care and help was fantastic. From the phone call with Emma right through to my sessions with Samantha was fantastic. From being trapped with no escape and falling deeper, to now being on top of the world, is through the help from two wingless angels. My life is now brilliant. A big big thank you to all. Absolutely first class.  

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